Youth and Adult Karate

An Okinawan style based upon Chinese origins called Uechi-Ryu (way-chee-roo). This style is a counter-attack system that utilizes blocks, punches and kicks in order to defend one's self. This style is taught using time-tested, traditional teaching methods that make it an ideal style to learn for self-defense


A Japanese form of self-defense; this martial art uses balance, wrist and arm locks, as well as hip and shoulder throws to defend one’s self from attack. This is an effective and easily-learned form of defense and prides itself on using the enemy's strength against itself.

1-2-3 Go! (Youth self defense program)

A common sense self-defense and awareness program designed for children to teach them how to get away. This program is quickly learned and brings awareness about strangers and bullies to trusting children.

Women’s Self-Defense

This program teaches students how to get away from potential assailants. The course is designed with women in mind and utilizes leverage and balance against physical strength. This program is excellent for beginners or to add value to someone who is already proficient in self-defense.

Kobudo (Weaponry)

A supplement to formal karate training; students learn how to become proficient with several different types of weapons. These traditional weapons once had a very different purpose. Students learn that purpose along with each weapon's history and how to properly use each weapon with respect.

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